∗ What are you really feeling right now?
∗ What is the origin of that feeling?
∗ What can you learn from those feelings? What are they trying to tell you?
∗ What do you choose right now?
∗ Why does that feel bad?
∗ What are you really holding on to?
∗ What exactly are you resisting?
∗ How would you feel if you let that be? What would that look like?
∗ What can you do to change your perspective?
∗ What do you think is the purpose of this situation?
∗ What do you think is the lesson in this situation?
∗ What are you afraid will happen if you surrender to this situation?
∗ Is what you think of this situation real?
∗ How would you feel if you stop resisting it? What could really happen?

AMAZING!! Answering these coaching questions helped me to create a huge shift in my outlook. There is always something bigger hiding underneath your feelings!

Do this next time you feel yucky and let me know how it worked for you, and if you want more, contact me for one-on-one coaching below!