7913089_sWhy do we stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving?

..Or any other day for that matter?

Is it because being around family is stressful?
Or maybe you love your family SOO much and can’t express it FULLY–like really, really tell them how much you love them, and so you stuff down your feelings that just can’t be expressed sufficiently with food?
Is it because there’s just so much food available..for free?
Is it because the holiday is giving you permission to eat too much?

TRY THIS! Envision how you’d like to behave before you get to Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Wake up in the morning and close your eyes and create a story of how you’d like to go about your day. How do you act? What do you look like? How do you eat? How do you express your love for your family and friends?

Be amazed by how much you fulfill your vision!

If it’s still too tough and you want a coach to help you let go of food and free yourself, contact me below. ¬†That’s why I’m here.