This client of mine took me up on one of my free hypnosis for weight loss sessions and signed up for a month of Isagenix back in December 2014.  It has been 2 months and these have been her results!! Incredible!!!

Client: Update time: I have dropped from a 22/24 panties into a 14/16. And shirts from a 3xl to a xl!

Me: That’s amazing!!!!! What do you think has been the biggest game changer for you..hypnosis vs. dieting. Does losing weight feel different after the hypnosis/isagenix compared to other diets, methods? It’s so great for me to receive feedback like this!

Client: Dieting seems to be much easier and not stressful at all. It comes naturally now. Which is a plus.

Me: Wow, so you think that that’s because of the hypnosis?

Client: Totally because of the hypnosis.

LOVE my work. 🙂