24158709_sI work with a LOOOOTTT of people trying and desperately wanting to lose weight…

Wanna know what they all have in common?

Their fat freakin’ talks!!

Ok…They don’t necessarily KNOW it talks…but it always, ALWAYS does.

You see, once my clients and I go deep into what is REALLY causing their weight loss struggles, they realize that there are:

  • emotions
  • beliefs
  • habits
  • feelings

that are associated with when, why, how, where, and HOW MUCH they eat.


When we dive DEEP into what is causing the EMOTIONS, BELIEFS, HABITS, FEELINGS…

We begin to see that these people are in fact,

PLAYING SMALL!!!! That’s right. They KNOW DEEP DOWN that they are here for a HUGE reason, yet it scares the shit out of them to go there…

  • They are not living the lives they desire;

  • They are not living in a way that feels GOOD ENOUGH to THEM–on paper it looks like you’re doing good, but not in your heart…;

  • they do not feel FULFILLED

    …and so what do they do???


Are you hiding behind food?

Feel like you’re meant for so much MORE?

Dissatisfied with what is?

Find yourself binge eating; always on and off diets and think it could be related to your playing small?

Don’t worry, I gotcha…

I will help you Step INTO that “bigness” that is ACTUALLY living in your SOUL and drop your old FOOD STORY.

 You will…

  • No longer be held back in your ability to lose weight and keep it off
  • Be on your way to playing FULL OUT,  SO THAT…

You can START living the life you desire.

How does this work, you ask?

You be willing to dive deep with me, and I give you the tools you need to PERMANENTLY CHANGE the emotions, beliefs, habits, and feelings that are holding you back, that are causing you to overeat;

I give you the SPACE to explore what you ACTUALLY WANT instead of food.

And we get to WATCH IT HAPPEN!! With me helping to smooth any bumps you may meet along the way…

Sound delicious? 😉  Let’s get started.

Contact me to Schedule a Session to talk about the potential of our working together by clicking HERE.