26504190_sI love this image…

Except for one thing—

The asparagus.

If asparagus were what was keeping us trapped in “food prison” can’t say we’d have any¬†problems with food…

Am I right? ūüėõ


Because let’s be serious…

It’s the

  • chips and dips
  • the baked goods–cookies and brownies and cakes, oh my!
  • the fried foods
  • the ice-cream
  • the soda
  • the parties
  • the fatigue and stress!

…that holds us back.

That keeps you stuck in “food prison.”

That forces you to

  • Constantly¬†diet
  • Go to the gym (even when every cell in your being wants to take a nap)
  • Drive yourself¬†CRAZY…

I seriously feel your pain.

I used to feel so freaking awful around food,

when looking at my body,

when I’d skip the gym…

And I want you to Ponder This for a moment.

What if…

  • You NEVER had to diet EVER AGAIN?
  • Your weight loss struggle could be¬†PERMANENTLY OVER?
  • All the pain and suffering you currently experience around food/your body/and exercise could finally GTFO, and be really freaking gone!!

How to Escape Food Prison

Step 1:


I used to think that I was just dealt an unfortunate and unlucky hand of cards

That this was just something I had to deal with forever as I had a “slow metabolism…”


Ok, you don’t HAVE¬†to believe that this is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE for yourself¬†yet..but would you AT LEAST allow me to be the proof in the pudding for ya?


I used to be so so so stuck and trapped…for 15 years of my life…

Weight Watchers


Guilt, Shame, Anxiety!


And I have now been 100% free from that pain and suffering since 2011.

This is a series of blogs…

If you Stay close, Let me show you how this freedom can be yours too!

So…Some juicy homework for ya:

Imagine what life will look like when you no longer need to think about food and your weight anymore.

What will become possible for you?

How will you feel?

What will you do?


Allow yourself to get excited because…11306825_s

If you KNOW you want this freedom from food-you WILL be free!

And you will KNOW when the time is right for YOU.


Freedom is possible.

Ready to get free? Fill out the form below and let’s get the conversation started. You fill the form out, I’ll receive it to my email inbox and it will remain confidential. And then I will contact you to schedule a date to talk about what’s possible for you now.¬†

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