Atkins, South Beach…Name it I had all diets I could try on, but these never lasted. For the life of me, everything was a futile attempt. My relationship with food seems to be never-ending. Hard as I might get rid of all that is stopping me from losing weight, my will and determination gave in to the solace food provided me. The idea of it, bingeing on it, all occupied my mind the whole day. I would bring it wherever I would go for fear I won’t last the whole day not having it. This whole idea of losing weight all the more was put on the side when I went to study abroad. How can you not delight in the culture that celebrates my body measurement? If there ever was one issue in life I never got a real hold on, it would be my weight. I made myself believe I was in it forever. But forever doesn’t make sense, at least with food and weight gain. If you are in the same shoes as I was before, I feel you. I know it is never easy going out of the trap. But believe me, when I say, it is possible. Hypnosis did it for me.

“The reason why I’m qualified to talk about hypnosis and permanent weight loss and why I am successful at coaching people through this journey is that I have been thinking about dieting, exercising and weight loss since I was eight years old and hopes of reversing my circumstance was a far off dream I could only wish for until hypnosis came.”

– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The prison Leslie built for herself – the uncontrolled eating and bingeing on food and not to mention the anxiety that comes with it
  • The frustration over unmet expectations on lifestyle change
  • The seemingly endless quest for solutions to her ever going up and down weight issue
  • Getting almost at the end of the rope and developing health issues
  • The start of the answer to the quest for her weight problem – how she did that amidst the struggles
  • Seeing the light of day – how hypnosis paved the way for her permanent weight loss

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