Extremely bad eating disorder behaviors like anorexia, bulimia, purging, all that kind of stuff have plagued many who are desperate of losing weight. Some are going through different stages in their life aggravated by different stressors with which they try to grapple with. Indeed, circumstances in life like relationships, divorce, death, insecurity, or whatever emotional pain and rollercoaster ride you have in life that you are not able to deal with properly manifest in weight gain. Whatever it is that you lack emotionally you try to compensate with food. Whatever is wanting in your life you easily fill with pleasure that is food. You say you can’t blame yourself, that’s the only way you know how to numb the pain. You say, ‘How can I help it, food is in my mind in all my waking hours, there’s no way I would be able to get past it.’

There are those who, you can’t believe it, get stuck for 50 years but has turned around and realized only recently that there is hope for them. A lot of them have messaged and acknowledged the rut they are in and they want a solution.

How did they come around and realized they need help? Sometimes in life, you don’t need to deal with problems all by yourself lest you find your self thrust even more into the depths of despair and nothingness. Just when you thought your beliefs about food is your absolute truth, think again. There is always a way for something to change, first, if you change your mindset and acknowledge there are those who are meant to help you. And what is needed first is for you to take action at once.

Yes, let’s admit it. You’ve tried so many things in the past, but all of them didn’t work out. Now you’re tired, you have rest your case. But let me tell you, I’ve been there and done that. It was successful… but just for a while. Things went back again to when I first found myself. It’s a never-ending chase of the unreachable, if I may say so.

But you’ve got to believe me that when I found and tried hypnosis, everything changed and it was a transformative experience I could not thank enough for to this day. I’ve gone through the whole gamut of weight-loss-gain drama and nothing beats what hypnosis did for me. If you want something that doesn’t restrict you mentally and physically but lets you reach your goal just the same then I have to say you should try hypnosis. It has already transformed the lives of many of my clients, even those years ago, and I am pretty confident it will work for you, too. You don’t have to do it alone. Just take action and together we will journey through your 90-day permanent weight loss. No gimmicks, just the real stuff.

“Even if you don’t know exactly know what that help is yet, because you’ve tried absolutely everything else and nothing’s worked long term, I understand that. But the reality is you have never given up because a part of you knows that there has to be a better way. And there absolutely is. And it’s found within my program.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • People messaging her for different concerns and problems
  • The primary reason she created this podcast and big thanks to Hypnosis for paving the way
  • Hypnosis program’s cutting edge tools and empowering way of helping you deal with your health issues
  • Social proof of Hypnosis’ effectivity
  • Is it possible to not have food on your mind 24/7 as you would otherwise believe
  • Success stories of clients’experience with Hypnosis
  • Listening to podcast helps but action works
  • Sometimes you don’t have to deal with problems on your own, you’ve got to seek help
  • You don’t want a restrictive weight loss program for yourself
  • Recalling her struggle with weight loss and how she overcame it and how she relates well with what you go through
  • Ready to help you wherever stage or part of your weight loss problem you’re at
  • One big mistake around weight loss
  • Why you have to trust Leslie and Hypnosis to help you with the transformation to happen in your life

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