When we talk about cancer most of those I’ve talked to are scared about getting it and they’ve been thinking that bad eating habits are the main reason for getting it. Those that have it before are obsessed with eating healthy for fear of any recurrence. You see, our attitude towards things like these come from scary thoughts of having them.

I have this to tell you that I have known a cancer patient who has been told to not live any longer but told the doctor that he won’t do chemotherapy and instead enjoy life for his remaining days. Thinking he had nothing to lose he tried out the most dangerous sport you could ever think of. He was truly overjoyed about it, and he won the battle over the big C. Another story is that of a woman who has been living a healthy life – from her food choice to meditation habits to daily exercises, and everything you can think about keeping fit and healthy. But one day she got tumor in her abdomen and advised to be operated on. Wanting to exhaust all-natural remedies she embarked on an herbal healing route and what did it all was when she went to a massage therapist and went on a process of actually going to her past and digging the trauma and ill- feelings she must have felt towards her parents. When she finally got to resolve it and forgave her parents, that’s when the tumor started downsizing until it was completely gone.

Another thing is that we have this thinking that when we gain weight we are bad. That’s why we try our might to completely avoid food that adds up to that. This way, we tend to control our lives in ways that will only lead us to be restrictive about everything and gets us frustrated.

As with the stories above, evidence of happiness and freedom feeling is reinforced. Those who spontaneously heal from these deadly diseases are the ones who let go of fear, lets life just be, enjoying it and not worrying a thing and understanding about where you are coming from and it’s clearly not at all about control. I know this is not easy, that’s why my hypnosis for permanent weight loss is not only for this purpose alone. It is for one’s self-actualization, breaking free and letting go. My work is not for a temporary solution, it is giving you tools to live a long-term happy life. It is having all areas of your life work together so you are free from mental baggage and fears that are holding you back from being healthy and being your authentic self. If you are ready, I am here, we can journey together.

“I have a firm belief that if people are not happy, and they’re not living out their most authentic truths to themselves, that the likelihood of their dying early is much greater.” – Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Scary thought of cancer because of bad eating habits
  • A firm belief that if people are not happy then they’re gonna die young
  • Evidence of happiness and freedom feeling can heal the body
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza’s study with what brought about the spontaneous remission of cancer patients
  • Becoming your authentic self and breaking the norm
  • Self-actualization
  • Control versus letting go
  • Get unstuck and be free

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