Family, indeed, is one element that is impacting our self-worth. Without even realizing it, sometimes a family member says things to another’s detriment. It is not surprising that one listener’s dilemma is about facing again her family after some time. The judgment, the unsavory remarks – just imagine all that, especially where body weight is concerned. It helps when you don’t take things personally, and just think that some family members are just that.

And being the ‘educated’ one who knows how to control what you say and think, there are ways to set your boundaries. Have someone support you; communicate in advance and let them know that you are going through tough times and ask them to avoid topics that would push the wrong button. If you are at some gathering and out of nowhere someone’s nitpicking at your weight gain, tell them you understand their concern about your health and you are taking care of yourself. And then politely ask them to shun the topic. There is this other way where you practice all of what was mentioned to get it all out at once even before it is happening. That is, imagining before going to a party what everyone’s likely to say and practicing your answer to all of what they would comment at you. This way you already face your fears and there’s no way anymore to scare you once you face them in person. This is part of doing Hypnosis, facing the scariest thing you can imagine, getting down to it, and finally moving about with ease and freedom around what you are dreading about the most.

Communicating your needs, your wants, and boundaries eloquently just helps for a natural flow of energy and support to come about. And Hypnosis helps you lead this path.

“We can not control what anybody else is thinking or saying, we can only control what we think or what we say.”
– Leslie Thornton

Topics Covered:

  • Family as the number one factor impacting self-worth
  • What you can do to help set boundaries
  • How Hypnosis helps you deal with scenarios before it is happening
  • We cannot control what other people will think and say, we can only control what we think or say
  • On keeping your bubble your bubble
  • What happens when you start communicating your needs, your wants, and your boundaries

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