How do you move from depression to meditation? When fear is everything that is gripping you, then you are far from fully acknowledging the real you. When your attitude towards food is one that prevents you to be in the present, then you won’t truly enjoy it. Just imagine how exhausting it can become trying to avoid it all the time.

If you think you are alone in this struggle…you are not. Listen in to this episode, you might just see yourself in Meg, but eventually, all transformed and empowered.

Meg Sansivero is a Health & Wellness Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and a Plant-based Cooking Instructor. She has a master’s degree in public health from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in biobehavioral health from Penn State University. She is also a graduate of Wellcoaches School of Coaching and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. She lives in Philadelphia, PA.

In this episode, Meg shares her own struggle with depression, compounded by the fact that her own partner was also dealing with his own issues at that time. Learn how she overcame it with a mindset that solidified her resolve to go full blast in transforming her life. With food meant to be enjoyed and not dreaded, find out how she achieved an empowered attitude around it and get more freedom, more ease, and more peace in a life that you truly deserve.

“Take action. Nothing’s ever going to happen if you don’t act.”
– Meg Sansivero

What you will learn from this episode:

02:07 – Meg taking us back to her childhood years food journey and the sickness she went through and changing courses in college
11:37 – Changes in her food choices
15:00 – “There’s just no reason to feel guilty about any of this. It’s just food.”
18:57 – Seeking help in meditation
22:17 – “Letting go of that attachment and being attached to the outcome and just giving it a go.”
23:16 – The depression before the meditation
28:30 – Getting help for yourself first
33:36 – “Food serves that purpose for sure. And we should enjoy it. Pleasure is important. But it should not be controlling you and you’re not controlling it.”
38:48 – The best part of working with a coach
42:27 – Diving into your fear, loving, and accepting yourself

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