Have you been dealing with food obsession your entire life? Have you honestly believe there’s not a bit of chance you are to live a life not consumed with it?

Think again! Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you have a new lease on life you would never have imagined.

Trish Sullivan was a business analyst doing legal analysis on high net worth clients for a large financial institution. Completely burnt out, she was. Aside from her work being a two-hour commute every day, she had more of her desk at the end of the day than she did at the beginning of it. She thought of getting off that crazy train, took a year off. And a year later, in her words, she got her dream job as an innkeeper for bed and breakfast on the shore where she lives. How she loved it, it was a perfect fit, but COVID happened, and she was let go. But no reason for her to fret for as to her the beauty is, having that time to spend on the program [Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss], for it was an investment for herself and really taking the time for the first time ever to learn about herself, grow, change and get better.

In this episode, Trish shared how she had never thought of the day when her food obsession would end. Growing up in a culture where food is not just something you plan to prepare but worry about is just something inescapable. There is just too strong of an attraction that food has created in her life that she couldn’t make sense of how to end it finally. In the more than five decades that she existed, that’s what she’s been dealing with. Her good and bad days are defined by how everything goes around food; everything else is secondary. She describes herself as not showing up her authentic self. She may function just like any normal human being. Still, deep inside, there is those disturbing mind chatter that is all food-related.

Find out how her life took a life-changing transformation that she considers the best investment for herself. With everything that she went through before getting into the program, everything happens for the best, and she came out to be her best self than she would ever think she could be. Discover how she finds true happiness and contentment in life despite having to leave a financially rewarding career to settle for a simple life by the beach with her loved ones. Learn how everything is not too late that there is a possibility for the best life that you ever want to happen in your life.

Trish hid in the dark for so long. She got stuck for as long as she can remember in her lifetime. It has completely changed, though. I say to you now, your road to freedom is within your reach. How much more time do you have to waste for a lasting change in your life? Take action now. That is the first step I want for you if you want it for yourself.

“For anybody that’s struggling, life is too short. Let’s get past it; let’s live our best life. And this program [Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss] will 100% help you achieve that.”
– Trish Sullivan

Topics Covered:

  • 02:16 – What her life was before she found Hypnosis for permanent weight loss
  • 05:57 – How her good and bad days look like concerning food
  • 07:28 – Why she couldn’t be authentic
  • 08:13 – When did she join the Hypnosis for permanent weight loss program, and how did it transform her?
  • 09:54 – The empowering mantra she lives by now
  • 12:21 – Cleaning all the cobwebs out all of those dark places
  • 16:05 – Getting the best investment for herself
  • 18:13 – Going along for a ride and looking at the bigger picture of what life has to offer
  • 19:23 – Inspiring words from Trish

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