Drop that story in your mind that says menopause is the reason why you are not losing weight. I want you to imagine the doctor telling you now that menopause is not the reason why you are not losing weight. What would you do? For sure, you’d be jumping with joy, and you’d be delighted to go about your everyday activity. You will be out and about feeling happy knowing menopause is not what caused why you’re not losing weight. And, then, you find yourself losing weight faster. But what if you are told menopause is making you not lose weight. What would your reaction be? You get sad, depressed over the thought of it, drown yourself in despair, stay in the couch more and think all you want why menopause is causing you to gain weight. You know what? What drives you to gain weight is the belief that it happens to you for reasons you want to believe. But don’t let that belief be more powerful than you. That’s going to take away responsibility from you to take care of yourself.

Belief is the most important thing. What you feed your mind is that which manifests in your life. If you feel negatively towards your body, then you don’t have the most fulfilling relationship towards yourself and others. That is why menopause shouldn’t be the story you keep repeating in your mind. More important questions need to be asked about how you are faring in other areas of your life. Most likely, that’s where you want things nurtured. Or maybe you are not feeling safe in your life. What is it that makes you feel unsafe? What are others in your life that are lacking integrity? That’s where you should focus and not just on any diet. That is not making things work. You’ve got to work on your mindset; it might be all whacked up. How about finding coping mechanisms and accessing transformational tools to help you feel good regularly? Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss enables you to work on what’s not working in your life. It gives you the tools to take responsibility for your self and your happiness.

“You will never become aware of what those deep subconscious fears are until you actually start to ask yourself the harder questions and let go of those stories and those reasons and excuses as to why you can’t lose the weight.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • What are the three places that the human mind thinks during a state of idleness?
  • Hypnosis is all around a belief
  • The power of belief
  • Real questions you need to ask yourself and not just blame it all on menopause
  • Taking responsibility for what’s happening in your life
  • The way that you’re feeling comes from your thinking
  • Believe that it’s all in the mind
  • How about finding coping mechanisms and transformational tools to keep you feeling good on a regular basis
  • Why not have a negative feeling about yourself
  • Why  you need to create a balance
  • Think about the quality of your character and not just how your body works

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