Have you ever looked in the mirror and found not everything feels and looks good enough? Are you constantly picking on your body that all you see are the imperfections? Even how hard you tried to get on every diet you can; everything is for naught.

Why not stop being regimented? How about you stop controlling everything? Start to learn how to release and trust your body, and just be.

Nikki Colmone is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author, & Feminine Embodiment Coach. She used to look in the mirror and pick out all the ways her body failed her, all her imperfections. She used to deny who she truly was to please others or fit in. She used to fear being alone so she went from one abusive relationship to another. No matter how hard she dieted, worked out, she just couldn’t seem to stick to anything, and she felt like a failure like all the abusive things said to her were true.

Through her studies of Nutrition, Nature therapy, and embracing her inner Witch, she was able to find a way out and say goodbye to the abuse, the self-hate, the emotional eating, the panic attacks, and every single thing that made her feel unworthy or not enough. And now, with over 10 years of experience, a pinch of education, and a dash of magic, she helps women do the same.

In this episode, Nikki talks about her body image issues, emotional and stress eating, failed diets and workouts and how it led her to find her authentic self and finally became free, happy, and unrestrictive. When she took the responsibility to find her authentic self, and finally let the ‘witch’ in her surface and manifest, that’s when she saw things flowing easy. When she owns her true self, that’s when she kept losing relationships that were not serving her and gaining those that nurture and uplift her. What she found was that your belief has full power over you. When you have a hundred percent faith in something, that’s when things happen for the best reason. You only have to look for what speaks to you and when you find it, feel into your body and your being, listen to it. You will then find what you truly want; establish a connection with it, learn to trust, and that magical thing will happen in your life. Nothing happens if you keep doing the same things with no result. Get out of your comfort zone and do things differently. Face your fear and deal with it once and for all, then your truth will finally set you free.

“If we think about emotional eating, stress and all of that, it’s because we’re trying so hard to control.”
– Nikki Colmone

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:17 – A backstory of body image and weight loss journey
  • 09:31 – How she defines the ‘witch’ part in her
  • 12:27 – Learn to release and allow the trust to happen
  • 16:04 – How does manifestation work?
  • 18:13 – The power of belief
  • 18:41 – Look into what speaks for you
  • 23:07 – Establishing that connection with your body and trusting that
  • 26:07 – Face those emotions and feel into your body
  • 30:37 – Nurture yourself as much as you nurture your loved ones and others
  • 33:59 – Get out of your comfort zone and do something different

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