It’s true; there’s no one else to fault for but you. Whatever happens to your life now is all of your own makings. Why are you still stuck with food in your thoughts? Why can you not seem to trim down those pounds off your body? You’ve been all through those sorts of diets before. You succeeded; you failed. Here you are still at it, numbing everything you feel lacking in other aspects of your life with food. But it isn’t working because that only shows you something is missing that is way deeper than you think. Nothing works without integrity.

What you need is clarity. Go for what is authentic to you. Go after what you believe is true for you and not what others want for you. If you won’t care to admit that there’s something in you that you need to work on, nothing happens. Until when do you pretend not to know? Until when do you acknowledge your unhappiness? Don’t wait to carry it for too long. The body carries those emotions, tensions, and stress. And what you do then is, take comfort in food to numb all those pain away. And the cycle goes on and on. This is where Hypnosis helps you, quieting down those inner voices that you keep telling yourself over again that aren’t of any help to you.

How then to follow your path of highest excitement? Take action. Be brave. And step up! The food is not your enemy; you are the enemy if you don’t take action. There is a way out, and YOU are the way.

“If it’s not something that you’re choosing that works for you, then it’s not going to stay; it’s not going to stick.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:57 – Without integrity, nothing works
  • 02:50 – What is the surefire way to start making things work in your life?
  • 07:02 – Find your inner truth
  • 09:14 – Do what your unique self, heart, and soul is calling you to do
  • 13:07 – What are you pretending not to know?
  • 14:01 – Nothing’s going to change unless you change
  • 15:13 – You need to start being a different way to get a different result
  • 17:04 – Diseases manifest as the result of unresolved emotions and issues within your true self
  • 18:00 – If nothing’s happening — you are missing something way deeper
  • 19:36 – Take things one fear at a time
  • 23:46 – Start surrendering
  • 27:36 – Food is not your enemy, it’s yourself if you are not taking action
  • 28:10 – Be willing to take action and face your fears – you will have a life that you want
  • 29:43 – Hypnosis helps you heal the mind to get your way to success

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