The power of the mind is huge. When you feed it with empowering thoughts, that would manifest in your life. Because that’s the belief you are trying to infuse into your being. All our life we’ve had these beliefs coming from different sources — family, friends, relatives, school, teachers, almost anyone and anything, social media, too, and the like, all have shaped what we think of ourselves in one way or the other. But we have to bring to our attention that not all these beliefs are of any help to us. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss knows how to deal with these various beliefs and makes a way to change them and place new patterns of behaviors and thoughts that are allowing us to move forward in a positive light.

It is one good thing to experience it but having the faith to believe it can do great things for you, will definitely do wonders for you. You’ve got to have the bravery to take the risk and surrender everything to something you trust; that will help you to get to the other side of where you are now. If you’re not seeing any improvement and change in your life and your body for many years now, it’s because you take the way of control. That’s why you find yourself in the diet mentality, all those diets that’s being restrictive of what you truly want for yourself.

What if you can have all the freedom to be around food without any fear whatsoever, and just being in the present? That is possible, you’ve got to trust yourself and have that leap of faith in the program and process that will get you to where you’ve always wanted. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you toward that journey. You just have to act now.

“A lot of what we talk about in hypnosis for permanent weight loss is our beliefs. What we believe is the reality that we get.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • Talking about beliefs in Hypnosis for permanent weight loss
  • Belief in God and Science
  • Difference between people who choose faith and those who do not
  • Sharing her own experiences proving the power of the mind is huge
  • Having the bravery to take risks in surrendering
  • That point when you get to the end of your rope
  • You need support, you need safety in your body, and you need to change those beliefs

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