Money, weight loss, the law of attraction — they tie together. For some reason, if you want something to happen in your life and you act on it, somehow the universe has your back. Yes, we’ve got to take action or else nothing happens. A lot of our issues with weight loss keep on dragging for years because we always put it off. We always put others first before our own. We always give in to our fears of what might happen to our relationships if we go push what we want for ourselves. It’s never always about what we want but what others want. This woman got the surprise of her life when a stranger generously paid for the program she wanted to join by posting up the GoFundMe account the coach helped her set up. Talk about the law of attraction, when you want something badly for something good and you do your part of taking action it will most likely happen. It’s having to walk the line of faith and believe something can happen. It’s always about stretching out of our comfort zone and shunning all those fears.

If you are still stuck in your food prison to this day because of the wrong money mindset your environment and relationships allowed you to shape it, then it’s about time you try thinking of this one big step you need to make to have this lifetime of transformation you’ve been wanting for yourself. You’ll never get past your weight problem unless you learn to quiet down that mental talk you have been having for years that is not serving you well. Your diet mentality will never work if it’s all about control. Everything is about emotional mastery, and Hypnosis for permanent loss gives you the tools to have this freedom around food free from your own and anyone’s judgment. Act now and will journey together.

“It’s painful to take action. It’s painful to grow. It’s not easy at all. But, is it more or less painful than staying where you are at for the rest of your life?”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • What basically is the law of attraction, how does it work?
  • Taking action on things and not letting the fear thoughts run the show
  • Setting aside the scarcity thoughts and just saying yes to whatever you want things to happen
  • Don’t believe you actually have to lose weight to do anything you want in life
  • How good things come when you step out of your comfort zone and make things happen with what you want
  • What if we have faith that the universe always has our back
  • Do you have a money mindset that is not serving you?
  • If you don’t change and take a different direction you will always be getting the same result

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