Are you one of those thinking you’re not good enough? Do you recoil in the thought of failure?

Think again. And let’s turn around those false beliefs you have about yourself.

Lisa Ajuria is in charge of client success at Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss.

In this episode, find out how Leslie coached Lisa from being an anxious, insecure, unsure of herself to one of being an empowered woman sure of her worth and what best she can give in whatever place she shows up. With what she went through, she thought she may die from all the anxiety attacks that were gripping her. She shares how Hypnosis provided her a safe place to let it all out whatever pent-up emotions were stored inside, not to mention the many tools you can use when things seem too much to handle.

You’ll want to learn how she got fed up from merely surviving to living life and enjoying it. For her, it was unimaginable she could still get past the challenge before her. But she’s living proof that significant transformations do happen when you choose to take action and crush those disempowering beliefs that you falsely believe to be true. You have all the choices on how you feel and how you can relax and see yourself on the road to freedom and inner peace.

“The truth is that I am good enough. The truth is that even when I feel like I’m not good enough, that’s not the truth. It’s just the thought I’m having. And the truth is, I always do my best.”
– Lisa Ajuria

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 03:28 – Looking back to that transformational work in herself
  • 10:24 – Sharing about the real-life experience she’s benefitting Hypnosis
  • 13:29 – That feeling of ‘not being good enough’
  • 14:21 – Is she really not good enough
  • 14:29 – What happens when you let those emotions rule you
  • 14:49 – Bad habits that comes up when feeling the pressure
  • 15:16 – What it looks like for her when she feels not good enough- to herself and to other people
  • 15:44 – What she does to disconnect when things feel so overwhelming
  • 17:09 – What she imagines herself to be without the thought of not being good enough
  • 18:32 – Forgive yourself for believing you’re not good enough
  • 18:42 – What the truth really is
  • 20:10 – Action she’s encouraging herself to take at the moment
  • 22:21 – Summing all up what her personal life looked before and after and the coaching she does with Hypnosis
  • 28:37 – Peeling off layers of the different negative beliefs she has about herself and the jubilation felt for getting back to normal
  • 38:00 – Fed up with just surviving so she figured out a way to live life and enjoy it
  • 40:04 – That’s just a story of the chaos and it’s not true

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