Are you having weight problems making you resort to all diets available out there? Are your hormones giving you a hard time losing weight?

Even though you try to jump on every available diet trend around, nothing works unless you change within.

How do you lose weight without even trying to?

Carmen Leonard, a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss graduate, talks about her body image struggle, losing weight, and health issues.

She used to hate her body for not looking the ideal way it should be, faulting it for her weight not coming off.

Not until she met Leslie and started the Hypnosis program did she realize how grateful she is for the body she has as it survived the many health issues she went through.

Find out why her relationship with her daughter was rekindled and she becomes more appreciative of her husband.

She realized that your mental and physical health are two separate ones; you need to take care of each of them

More than anything else, it is not about your diet; it is more about taking care of yourself and your self-esteem.

If you think you are alone in your struggle, Carmen thought the same thing before, but you are not.

That’s where you need a community to share your struggle with and together find a solution to it.

What Hypnosis provided her were tools she needed that was at her disposal every time the need arises. How it helped her get through those tough times, she is beyond grateful.

More than anything, she shares that it’s all beyond the physical thing. When your focus is not all about you, you learn to think more of what you can offer to help and make other people’s lives better.

“My intention would be that people would go outside of a diet. It’s really not at all about that. It’s more about me as a person and my self esteem.”
– Carmen Leonard

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:55 – Carmen’s intention: going out of the diet and focusing more on herself and her self-esteem
  • 03:03 – What life looks like for her before Hypnosis
  • 04:35 – Telling her story of the challenging times healthwise
  • 08:39 – Appreciating your body instead of faulting it
  • 10:55 – What she thinks contributed to her having cancer
  • 11:41 – She’s losing weight and not trying
  • 13:11 – An experience that is much more encompassing than just her weight
  • 15:55 – Grateful for Leslie’s program and how Hypnosis changed her life
  • 16:57 – Sharing about the business she manages now with her husband
  • 18:51 – More of what you can offer and help with than just physical appearance
  • 20:53 – You’re not alone, and don’t do it alone
  • 22:24 – How her mental health is so much clearer and allows great things to happen.
  • 24:44 – The tags people put on overweight persons

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