We live in a world of diagnosing and fixing. In a way it contributes to our mindset that there is always something wrong, that you are the problem. And without us noticing, it gets into our being. And we always work hard to prove to everyone else that nothing’s wrong.

This puts us in a situation where it’s hard to go out there and acknowledge to ourselves that we need alignment in our life. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bad for the choices we made in life, it’s about looking at the brighter side to make something new of us again.

Another thing is passing the blame to people for what happened to us in the past. It was there. It is a matter of accepting that it indeed happened. That there is nothing you can do about it, all you have the power is making the best of what you can do now. And that is owning full responsibility to turning your life for what could be the best you can imagine it to be.

Yes, everything is in your hands. We have full control. Just like our food, body, and weight issues. We can always wallow in pity, in fear. We can always believe the worst in us. But we can also always rise up from that negativity and start the road to inner peace and freedom.

Unless you own up to your humanness and take responsibility for something good that you can do for yourself, then you are winning.

Creating a new turn in your life for the better takes courage and a leap of faith. There is no one else to take responsibility for you because the only one who gets you stuck to where you are now is You.

Yes, You. Don’t just stay on the fence, get on the road now to your life-changing transformation.

“Something that a coach of mine said at the time was, trust yourself that you’ll know when it’s time to actually go. And until then trust that whatever is happening along the way is here to support you and teach you and get you ready for the next part of your path.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:15 – What it looked like for Leslie when she felt confronted with the thought of taking responsibility
  • 03:53 – Living in a world of diagnosing and fixing stuff
  • 05:36 – Allowing yourself to be human
  • 09:51 – What it’s like when you take ownership that you are not perfect
  • 11:56 – We can’t control other people, we can only control ourselves
  • 13:35 – When is the best time to let go?
  • 16:55 – Finding the difference between feeling better and doing the deep work for yourself

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