It’s scary, it’s terrifying, and it’s not easy. That’s how it feels when you face your fears.

But when you step up, take courage and take action, it’s all worth not thinking about those food, body, and weight issues that occupy your mind and consciousness for most of your day.

That’s true. You are actually meant for something more significant than the life you are stuck with at the moment. You’re not able to hear that voice telling you that because there is something else louder that you keep listening to — calorie-counting, obsessing over your body, weight, and food.

Pay attention now. You have the choice for yourself and the life you deserve. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you achieve that route to lasting freedom.

“Don’t let anyone else tell you that this is something that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. It’s not. You are the judge of your life. You have a say in what your life looks like. And I’m here to say to you coming from somebody who thought there was no way out that this was my place, my cross to bear. You can get free from that.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:32 – Always have known she was meant for something bigger
  • 03:32 – How that obsession over calorie counting, food, and body weight issues drown that belief of a better life for herself
  • 05:08 – How she thought it was not possible to be not thinking about food every minute of every day
  • 06:01 – What does that make of you if your mind is only and always thinking about food, body, and weight?
  • 06:32 – There is a way out far greater than you can imagine
  • 06:51 – Pay attention and take action

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