No one knows what an everyday food battle looks like unless you go through it yourself.

I understand the happiness you feel when you succeed in trimming yourself, and I also know the pain when you gain weight after many battles with yourself.

Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. That is the picture of that constant struggle with food every day.

Try hard you’ve worked at forever keeping away all those unwanted pounds, but here you are, falling off now and then.

And where does that leave you — in isolation and desperation.

The irony is that we are the most loving, understanding human beings to others, but we could be the unkind ones to ourselves.

Because we could not find an avenue for us to express ourselves fully and what we are struggling with.

Even with our own family, we are scared to go and ask for help and even just talk things through because we have this idea they won’t understand us.

Friends that we try to share our struggles with also find it weird why are we even concerned about it in the first place — they wouldn’t know, and they wouldn’t comprehend that it’s eating us up inside.

What happens is we keep to ourselves, and things just keep repeating themselves.

But there’s always a way to a lifetime transformation where you unblend yourself from your upbringing, wrong beliefs, and habits and align yourself to your authentic self.

Hypnosis for permanent weight loss leads you to that self-discovery of total freedom.

“There are so many more developments in psychology and neuroscience that understand now, and this is what really good coaches are now able to bring to the table for clients is to really unblend that voice of your upbringing with reality and your authentic self. I’ll say that again. It’s unblending that voice between your upbringing, reality, and your authentic voice — who you are, what you actually want to do.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 01:42 – Why her podcasts have been titled almost the same
  • 03:20 – Someone finally reaching out after being a long-time podcast listener
  • 04:52 – What that constant ‘food battle’ looks like every day
  • 06:50 – Why are we not the most caring and supportive being to ourselves as we are to others
  • 08:55 – Wrong beliefs Leslie had before why she’s not talking about her own food struggle and bodyweight issues with anyone
  • 11:07 – The first step you go through in the process of Hypnosis
  • 11:39 – What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation?
  • 14:07 – You’re never a hopeless case as you would believe yourself
  • 15:05 – What you can do to let go of that mental obsession

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