How many of you can resonate with the fact that you tell yourself to stick to your diet every day? But before you know it, you catch yourself dipping into a bag of chips, and there’s no way to stop yourself anymore. And there you are, feeling guilty about doing it.

You’re not alone. I’ve been through that. I know the feeling; how it must have been awful for you to be constantly obsessing over food and feeling to be seemingly helpless to get out of the trap.

For all you know, it’s not your fault. It’s more than willpower to get you out of that mental chatter that is self-sabotaging. Somewhere deep inside, something is not right.

What looks like not being consistent in your diet, hating yourself, and your body image issues could mean all those deep-seated emotions not being brought forth to the surface and dealt with accordingly.

Hypnosis is a tool that helps you get aligned with other parts of yourself that need healing. It’s only when you seek help and have that emotional mastery do you find yourself on your way to a lifetime of freedom and sustainable success. Act now!

“A sustainable way to be successful is that you also learn how to healthily manage those stressors and those feelings along the way, while you’re still going after your goals in a super powerful way.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:15 – Self-sabotage – what is it?
  • 02:39 – Understanding the unconscious mind
  • 04:57 – Where does self-sabotage happen?
  • 05:50 – What does the unconscious mind do when you self-sabotage?
  • 07:59 – The reason for the vicious cycle not coming to an end
  • 08:34 – Common reasons for self-sabotage
  • 09:51 – How to get the support to get past those challenging emotions causing self-sabotage
  • 11:33 – The two types of success in this world – which one would you choose?

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