Nursing a breakup is never easy. It’s the last thing you would want to have.

Some are lucky, though, they don’t have to go through it, but many of us, at one time or another, experienced it.

The pain, the hurt, and crazy emotions you feel, including those maddening thoughts you create about you and the ex; those are insane, mind you.

But you don’t have to suffer like that anymore.

Would you believe that getting over your ex happens in just a moment?

Dorothy Johnson is a breakup coach. With the Life Coach School, she teaches her clients how to get over their ex and build a life better than the one they had with their ex in three months or less by addressing the root cause instead of heartbreak symptoms; I love it. I love it. Because we work on the root cause of the weight loss versus the weight symptoms, she uses a simple three-step process to heal the heart, create closure and get excited about the future.

In this episode, Dorothy shares how you deal with heartbreak and getting over an ex and not let yourself suffer over something you have no control about. She helps you create a beautiful life that no one can take away from you regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. She also underscores how to be committed in a relationship without being too attached. She suggests never to compromise; instead, always commit to conscious decisions, so you always feel empowered.

“I think it’s really, really important for us to start looking at the root cause of heartbreak, the root cause of not being able to get over someone, which are the thoughts that you’re thinking, the stories that you’re creating, and ultimately, those stories and thoughts create desire or attachment to that partner. And when we start addressing that, all of the breakup symptoms fall away. Should I be in contact with him? Should I go to this party? Should I do that? All that stuff doesn’t really matter when you’ve addressed desire and attachment and the stories you have around your breakup.”
– Dorothy Johnson

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:47 – Why is it harder to grieve for someone alive than a dead one
  • 04:32 – Looking back at the break up she had five years ago and where it brought her to this day
  • 07:32 – How those thoughts about the breakup create feelings leading to suffering
  • 09:00 – Why the need to address the root cause of the breakup
  • 12:08 – Your weight loss journey as it relates to overcoming breakup or any loss in life
  • 15:34 – Getting over your ex happens in a moment
  • 18:10 – What getting over your ex really means
  • 20:41 – Differentiating commitment and attachment
  • 22:05 – Reducing desire and attachment while in a relationship
  • 24:08 – Building a life that no one can ‘take away’ whether in a relationship or not
  • 28:15 – Creating ‘an epic and beautiful Sunday of your choosing
  • 29:23 – Compromise versus conscious decisions – words you use matter
  • 33:51 – Celebrate yourself for whatever you have consciously decided on, even if it failed

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