How much of an internal conflict do your insatiable food cravings bring you?

But more than food obsession, other aspects of your life lack joy and fulfillment.

You may not be aware, but your constant longing for food indicates filling that void you’ve unsuccessfully satisfied.

Take a closer look at yourself and what’s troubling you at the present moment.

There is even a part of your past that haunts you. You may not admit it because you keep ignoring that.

Have you taken the time to see how your relationships have contributed to how you feel about yourself and your body image?

Are there things you want to do but are scared to face for fear of pain and hurt?

Nothing comes out great when you repeatedly push everything under the rug.

It keeps on stinking, and it gives you an awful feeling of low self-esteem and confidence. The sooner you address it, you will find how much energy you take back to spend on making yourself great again.

Nothing beats more than loving yourself first. Facing what scares you the most is the first step. And that takes real inner work.

But that is more than worth it if you get a lifetime of transformation, freedom, and happiness.

And that’s what our client-guest on today’s episode will shed light on. Her journey in the Hypnosis program and how it brings forth the inner change that manifests fully in how she’s loving herself now and attracting someone she deserves to be with in any shape she’s in and regardless of age is an achievement that has no match.

Pamela Driscoll is a former software engineer who now helps individuals and organizations achieve success by understanding how their values, choices, and actions impact their results. She’s available for private coaching, group workshops, and online training.

“One thing that’s happened for me through the program is just releasing so much of that shame and embarrassment to the point where it’s okay if I weigh what I weigh, I still deserve X, Y, and Z. I still deserve to be loved. I still deserve to love myself. It’s just that my body is a certain shape; it has nothing to do with who I really am as a person.”
– Pamela Driscoll

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 02:26 – Knowing doesn’t help: something big and deep needs to be addressed
  • 08:54 – How was it like going through a complicated relationship with food
  • 14:15 – Self-judgment as it relates to food, bodyweight issues, and attracting good vibes
  • 21:33 – What she finds as the biggest benefit of the Hypnosis program: Huge shifts in her lifelong struggle
  • 22:45 – Activities in the program that she finds great help in: facing what scared her the most but finding it empowering instead of painful
  • 31:00 – Taking back your energy and opening up great opportunities after healing your inner struggle
  • 40:21 – What excellent work does Pamela do, and who does she help with?

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