What’s beating yourself up looks like for you? Are you purging or binging? Or are negative thoughts of doubting yourself and feeling guilty about your food plan not always going accordingly in the background?

Know that that is not helping at all. All the more, you’re stress eating and creating anxiety in your mind and body.

What if there is a loving way of caring for your body and yourself? Learn self-mastery, master self-love, choose what’s best for you and what feels good for you at the moment, and not out of fear of something else. Get comfortable around food and not get scared about it.

There is always a way out. Just own your actions. And make empowered choices. You are worthy of love and acceptance. And Hypnosis helps you journey with your body to a lifelong happiness and freedom.

“Whether it’s binging or purging, or just overeating or just being super harsh to yourself, which is causing anxiety in your body, which is causing more stress eating, to know that you need to take that seriously because it’s not normal. And you can get out of it.”
– Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from today’s episode:

  • 00:01 – What’s your version of purging or binging?
  • 02:48 – Why all those things you do, beating yourself, no longer works today
  • 04:19 – Creating a space for unconditionally loving yourself
  • 09:01 – The only way you can get out of the trap you are putting yourself in
  • 12:17 – See where you’re at now: you deserve all the love and acceptance

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