What are all these alcoholism, food, and body weight issues doing to your peace of mind and freedom?

After all these years of trying to lose weight, you’re again back at it, gaining more than what you’ve lost. And the cycle goes on, and here you are, feeling you’re never getting away from it for the rest of your life.

Maybe a case of you are doomed to be that way forever or simply because you’ve never looked within and let your authentic self shine.

Without realizing it, for most of your life, you let fear get in the way of genuinely owning yourself and what you could become.

Perhaps you have so many questions about how that could possibly be? For one thing, you eat healthily; you say it. But have you looked further down and deeper?

There, you might find the answer.

And Hypnosis might be the program to help you along the way to that massive transformation you look forward to having for the remainder of your life.

In this episode, our guest is a Hypnosis program alumna who went from having all these food and body image issues about herself. Not only that, she had a bout with alcoholism that she never understood why not until she found herself in the Hypnosis program and eventually let go of it.

She is the first one to admit that her journey is not perfect. And who says it is? But when all the craziness tries to resurface, she knows when the emotional mastery tools come in handy. And how that makes her feel beautiful as a woman even with no make-up on. And that’s what matters most, radiating true happiness that is priceless.

“Dive in. Give it a try and see what you can do, when you open doors for yourself that you thought were closed as I did.”
~ Jen

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 01:17 – What her reality was before Hypnosis
  • 04:03 – The terrible feeling of losing and gaining weight
  • 08:52 – Never gaining weight since starting Hypnosis for three months
  • 09:56 – What a happy woman looks and feels like
  • 11:24 – Overcoming one of her biggest problems
  • 13:19 – Takeaway from the Hypnosis program
  • 17:12 – How the Hypnosis tools help her overcome anxiety with calmness
  • 18:58 – She couldn’t be more thankful for what the Hypnosis team had done to her food and body weight issues
  • 20:39 – The problem she had with alcohol and how it relates to her body weight issues
  • 27:38 – Describing her road to getting past alcohol addiction
  • 30:06 – Treating herself as a science experiment rather than a failure
  • 32:14 – How a ‘no judgment zone’ took all the power out of alcohol
  • 34:49 – Inspirational message for everyone

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