We are all about getting results… and getting results fast. That would be an unhealthy way to do it.

It’s a good idea to lose weight and look after your well-being, but if the process makes you unhappy and you’re doing something just to lose weight, you would lose appeal to what you are doing. And most likely, relationships and social interactions suffer.

That would never get you far down in your journey to reach your goals. Because the stress of sticking to what you think is the only thing that will make it a success for you could be your downfall.

Diet mentality is made of this stuff, making you look perfect when it should never be like that.

What the body wants is gentleness and compassion. And it’s about giving yourself permission and an empowered choice to eat what feels good for you at the moment.

That way, you feel good about yourself and how you relate with people you care about the most. And that’s what matters.

Jay Williams is a Co-Owner, Founder at Hale Fitness. Back when he found CrossFit in 2007, Jay was 315 lbs and couldn’t do a push-up or a pull-up. Even though he used to be a decent athlete and enjoyed going to the gym, he got fat and sick after sitting behind a desk for so many years…he had to do something, or he was headed to an early death….

In this episode, Jay shares his journey from a 300+ pound guy to someone a hundred pound lighter. He shares tips and strategies on how you can teach yourself to stretch your timeline of reaching the goal but still do what’s necessary. He also shares what intuitive eating looks like for him. And how it’s never about rigidity and sticking to perfection but feeling good about yourself and your body and making yourself present with the people that matter to you the most.

“The number one key to me being successful is just, or any success I’ve had is just little wins that I can celebrate every day. And the less focus I have on the goal and the more focus I have on the process, the happier I am and the more success that I find.”
~ Jay Williams

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 07:01 – Looking back at his childhood years and the turn of events in his school life, and the injury that contributed to his weight gain
  • 10:29 – Initially making progress at first but fell off the tracks again
  • 12:57 – A big support system makes a huge difference
  • 15:52 – How he met his wife and what unconditional support she’s getting from her since they began dating till they get married
  • 18:25 – The realization of doing something better for his health
  • 21:04 – What keeps him continue doing what he is doing for his health now
  • 24:29 – Three reasons why people want to lose weight [depending on their truth]
  • 29:31 – Doing what makes you happy
  • 33:48 – Eating the way you’ve set yourself to eat but with permission to eat anything you want in that moment
  • 34:54 – Giving a glimpse of his intuitive eating
  • 38:46 – How feeling bad about yourself never helps and sharing a strategy to help you get successful
  • 42:01 – The idea of tracking and how you can win
  • 46:58 – How to turn your focus out of those ‘downs’ in life

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