With a diet mentality, control is the name of the game. But why it often fails is because we’re so focused on the goal of losing weight that when we fall off track, it’s harder to get back on again. We end up hating ourselves for that.

And that makes us unkind to ourselves. That’s where perfectionism ends up in desperation. And only worsens things.

Besides, a lot in your past likely has to do with your eating behaviors: overeating, stress eating, anxious eating, and comfort eating. Unless you learn to deal with your emotions and master them, you will always be in an endless cycle of putting away those extra pounds.

In today’s episode, Rusty Osborne shares his background, how heavy he used to be, and how he’s turned around his life and weight for the better. Thanks to NLP[ Neuro Linguistics Programming] for helping him repattern his subconscious mind to do away with the trauma and hurts of things past. With this modality, he was able to live a life making empowered food choices, and learning about self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-forgiveness. Together, all these help him learn to trust himself and the process and do what feels right for his body.

Hear him share NLP’s core beliefs and how significant they help you with body image and weight issues. And if there are parts of you that conflict with each other, you can learn to align them, coming from a place of integrity instead of fear. That way you learn to be kind and love yourself more and the people who matter most to you.

“People have all the abilities they need to succeed. You have it; I have it, and everyone listening has it. All we need to do is be able to tap into that. And learning to trust yourself is massive.”
~ Rusty Osborne

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 02:59 – Rusty’s lifestyle background and how NLP has changed his life
  • 08:56 – Discussing one of NLP’s core beliefs [meaning of communication]
  • 10:15 – What is this exercise ‘mapping across’ all about?
  • 11:45 – More NLP core beliefs [respecting other people’s diet beliefs, having a dialogue with your body, ecology of the situation]
  • 16:57 – Something to think about when you’re going through tough times
  • 19:51 – Having an open-trusting relationship with yourself
  • 21:56 – What can these three do to your life and eating habit: Acceptance, awareness, and self-forgiveness
  • 31:38 – Trusting yourself and doing what feels right for you
  • 34:54 – It’s just feedback; just take the next step
  • 40:39 – Action and feedback
  • 41:29 – Accountability is the secret sauce to success
  • 44:29 – All procedures should increase wholeness
  • 46:33 – Flexibility versus staying in integrity
  • 49:45 – What’s the most powerful thing about NLP
  • 52:14 – Upcoming programs and trainings

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