Science gives us the reason why we should weigh this much and reach our ideal BMI.

We can always consider that basis but not forget to factor in other important facets of one’s life.

We all have to experience different phases in our life. No one should tell us how much exactly we need to weigh.

Sometimes, we need to see things in a way where our body and what it looks like at some point needs to be like that to carry us through the stress and hardships of facing the situation we have.

In this episode, Leslie shares how we should look beyond just counting the number and putting away all those ideal BMI beliefs. It is not so much about decreasing your food and exercise. It’s more about looking into the emotional aspect of weight gain.

Something deep needs to be given attention and be worked on. When the root cause hidden in your subconscious is unearthed and healed, there’s profound change.

You are more than your body, and when you realize that, that’s when you have emotional mastery, and you deal with stress better. In doing so, you are on the road to freedom and peace.

“You have this opportunity now to actually take where you’re at, to change the course of your future, where it won’t be one of disappointment, it won’t be one of continuous feeling like a failure and that your body is not enough. I can’t tell you how attractive it is to meet someone who has just confidence and radiance in the skin that they’re in, regardless of what that size is.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 01:56 – What people are saying about that BMI formula
  • 06:28 – How the different phases in our life make us choose either growth or control
  • 08:53 – The pain in growth and how things spiral out negative thoughts
  • 17:04 – Your body is what it is right now, and the same with the mental chatter in your mind
  • 21:25 – Paying attention to the emotional reason for the weight gain and finding a solution for that
  • 24:20 – Getting into the source of the matter
  • 26:05 – Becoming your authentic self and not having to follow what others want you to do
  • 29:22 – Having that detachment from the number people are saying you need to be

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