There is so much to think about more than just perfection. If you think rules, structure, or discipline are the only way to hit your goal of losing weight, think again.

For a lot of us, we all have been introduced to the idea of a diet mentality. It’s everywhere, and that’s what social media is telling us. And we buy it. Think about control and restriction. Those words alone suffocate us.

How about accepting the idea that you can have food, anything you can think of, eating them whenever you feel like eating them? Isn’t that great? Then you can have all the freedom you’ve wanted for so long.

Think of other things in your life you feel like you lack. Energy, perhaps? Just think of someone who has it, and let your mind work in your favor.

Everything about these struggles that you have can be helped with these emotional mastery tools. Yes, no need to stop you from eating food you want at the moment.

That’s what NLP[Neuro Linguistic Programming] is all about. Knowing it and how it works also works wonders in your weight loss journey.

In this episode, Nikki shares how she eats intuitively without fear of what that particular food might do to her weight, giving her an empowered choice to decide what to eat anytime she wants. Also, the thought that whenever she lacks energy, she just uses this helpful tool and technique to bring her back to life.

She also talks about how their eating behavior used to be in strict compliance with not eating certain foods, which might ruin all the diet plans. Fast forward to now, and things are no longer the same. It’s about enjoying them whenever you want. And weighing on the scale no longer matters and doesn’t scare her anymore. That’s exactly because NLP mastery tools now rule.

Nikki Osborne is a copywriter at @hannahermanson_

“I really just go with how I feel. Beforehand, I was going on the number and then wanted to change everything, just going on how I feel and what my body tells me. And that’s the biggest tool, just being able to listen to my body and it tells me something.”
~ Nikki Osborne

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 03:42 – How is NLP like going through it versus what she knows about it online
  • 05:40 – What is there to know about NLP and feminine marketing
  • 10:40 – Stepping into the power of telling your story
  • 16:06 – The best way to reparent your inner self: Taking advantage of the NLP tools
  • 21:52 – Using the anchoring technique and how it’s helping your life
  • 24:39 – Human design in a nutshell
  • 27:53 – Listening to what your body tells you what to eat and not listening to what you should eat
  • 28:45 – How the NLP tools spelled a difference in the way they eat now versus before
  • 31:24 – The joy of making empowered food choices: eating what we want and what our bodies want
  • 34:02 – No longer craving alcoholic beverages
  • 35:34 – Inspiring words from Nikki’s NLP experience

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