The things we do to lose weight. Stay away from eating sugar. Don’t have candies with you, don’t have your favorites around, and all those endless prohibitions. When you’re still on a diet mentality the scenario looks familiar.

This time I’m telling you, have all the food you want around you. If you deny yourself and suddenly you have them, then you will have way more than what you should be taking. After all, whatever you say to yourself, you will still crave and want them anyway.

Besides, that’s how you prevent that ‘forbidden fruit’ effect. Most importantly, something of a deeper issue is happening here, and that needs to be healed first. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss can help.

“What I’m interested in is, you — never having to worry about Halloween again when it comes to weight loss and your fear of gaining weight.”
~ Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Never having to worry about not losing weight even with your favorite Halloween candy around
  • Don’t believe them when they say you’ll be happier when you avoid sugar
  • Steps you can do so as not to binge on Halloween candy permanently
  • Allow yourself to have [the candy]
  • Have your favorites
  • What Hypnosis is here for you

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