Diet mentality gets us in a state of being a control freak. What happens is that the very same things that we restrict ourselves from doing and eating, when we fall off track that’s the very first thing we grab and hold on to.

Most often than not, we fail and keep repeating the cycle because there’s this fear in us that we’ve never learned to let go of. If only, we learn to dig deep and heal it at the source, that’s when we find the freedom and happiness that we’ll see us through down the road.

Joshua Church is a co-founder @edgetheorylabs ( bringing cold water therapy to the world. He is the Director of Operations @ High Impact Coaching and helped the founder scale to multiple 7-figures and a team of 17+ in less than four years. He is on a journey to become a healthier, happier, and more successful human being. Joshua also hosts Find The Others podcast, helping ambitious people play at a higher level.

In this episode, Joshua Church shares how we can learn to connect our mind and body to overcome the fears and stress that are causing us many battles. Even how much you try to find a solution for it, it just doesn’t seem to go away; instead, it keeps repeating itself and showing up in other forms of struggle. He shares this modality called cold water immersion, a quick state shifter bringing massive transformational benefits to your wellbeing as it brings you up to another level in your mental, physiological, energy, and spiritual spheres. This is the kind that makes you trust yourself and your body, that you have a bigger capacity to do things more than you can ever imagine you can.

“The biggest lesson that the cold has taught me is that there’s strength in surrender. And it’s taught me how to surrender.”
~ Joshua Church

What you will learn from this episode:

  • 03:35 – How Joshua’s new business tied into his transformation journey
  • 08:28 – Understanding what cold water immersion is, the science behind it, and the mental, physiological, energetic, and spiritual benefits that happens
  • 14:02 – Mentioning big fans of cold water immersion that have seen great benefits in this modality
  • 14:35 – What makes cold water immersion an efficient state shifter
  • 17:04 – Talking about the dual nature of Edge portable tub and how you can use it during the winter and summer seasons
  • 19:03 – What breath work is all about and its share of benefits to one’s wellbeing
  • 22:23 – How cold water immersion helps you to trust yourself and your body that you’re more capable of doing things you didn’t believe you could do
  • 23:37 – The one biggest lesson the cold has taught Joshua

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