Have you had time to really just talk to yourself? It’s more like finding out, learning from, and loving ourselves the way we always wanted to be loved. Not something we picture as scary. There’s that part that feels scary and painful, though. But that’s your way of knowing where all those hurts come from. You come face to face with your wounded self. Discovering and uncovering those parts that need complete healing. And coming out of the other side, walking on the road to freedom and happiness.

“What if we were all just in our own lane, and you’re just doing your own thing? And living your life as a party of one.” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

02:23 – An exercise of silence that has taken many forms

05:46 – The idea of dating yourself and reflecting on all the relationships you’ve had and how it has affected your relationship with food

08:45 – Loving and forgiving yourself

09:11 – Great changes happening when using all the emotional mastery tools while doing meditation

11:26 – Reparenting that part of her that’s confusing

14:39 – Your whole life story shows up based on what happened in your childhood

16:14 – Staying in your lane and doing your own thing

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