It’s the new year and with it brings hope of new beginnings. A start that is rooted in finding what brings you true joy, inner peace, and happiness. It shouldn’t be just something born out of unhealthy obsession over something temporary.

Believe that everything is already within your power to become what you always wanted. Because whether you like it or not, your superpower is already planted within you. It’s a matter of activating it, having to step in and tap into those inner strengths with the help of these emotional mastery tools. It’s about aligning with your true calling and living up to your greatest potential.

Your body size or whatever weight issues you have right now, know that they are not You. Keep that negativity out, and let in that transformational change of a lifetime. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss helps you get on that road to owning yourself again, so you get the relationships and success you’ve always wanted. But first, take action…Now!

What you’ll learn from this episode:

01:06 – Feeling that intense energy and new vibes on a new year’s day [ being present with what’s happening and intensely feeling it]

07:08 – Embracing the idea of ‘having your own lane’ and building your so-called ‘perfect life’

15:55 – Leslie’s intention for 2023 [This is what we mean when we’re living as if]

18:20 – Knowing the difference between how you feel in your body versus how you feel about your body

19:50 – Getting rid of negativity and focusing on what brings us joy

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