When you are a parent of a child with autism, you know how difficult it can be to cope with their needs. You go the extra mile to care for them. It’s not easy to do that. This isn’t the same situation you see every day with a child who has no special needs. Plus, you have to stretch your patience as far as you can. That’s how a mother’s love and care for her children manifests itself.

However, the giver of unconditional love ends up emptied and without time for herself. Many support programs have already been established for kids on this spectrum. But there are nearly not as many support communities for parents having to care for these kids. But they also need support especially because stress can factor in when caring for these kids.

As parents, we also need time to care for ourselves. We just cannot sit there and accept things the way it is. We need to find support who can also understand what we go through and provide an avenue for us to voice things out and share ideas and insights on how to take care of ourselves while taking care of our loved ones.

In this episode, Bina shares the struggles of being a mom to  a child with Autism. She recounts the hardships she has to go through as she tries to get to know more ways to properly handle a child with tantrums. And in this journey of dealing with a child in this spectrum, she talks about ways to see blessings despite the difficulties. And most importantly learning to set boundaries and finding time for self-love to keep your own sanity.

“The number one thing that I’ve learned is, to ask for help.” – Bina Bendale

What you’ll learn from this episode:

02:25 – Who Bina Bendale is

03:30 – The circumstances that led to what she does now [ the challenges and stigma she has to deal with ]

10:44 – Her struggles as a parent dealing with a child who has Autism

14:28 – What an unconditional love and support of  a mother look like

18:34 – Seeing blessings in setbacks [significant lessons her children taught her and what their family dynamics look like at home]

22:35 – The biggest lesson she learned when it comes to raising in two different spectrums [talking about trantrums versus meltdown]

25:11 – Important thoughts on the show ‘Love on the Spectrum’ [and what her dream is for children with Autism]

27:47 – Describing the nature of children with Autism and how to deal with them

32:10 – Realizing her purpose now and learning self-love and self-care

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