As we strive to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities to career and loved ones, we sometimes forget to see and understand what we really want. There’s nothing wrong with serving them, but the very behaviors we do, the strengths we possess, can trigger food and body weight problems.

Often, we’re too busy caring for others to care for ourselves, so we don’t realize what truly makes us happy.  It’s easy to fall into a routine that doesn’t serve us well.

When we set a goal for ourselves, distractions and excuses get in the way. Getting triggered by so many things ruins our day. What would it be like to be goal-driven and make things happen?

In 2011 Jodie Cook  started a digital agency that was acquired in 2021. Alongside running a business she writes books and articles about entrepreneurship and competes in powerlifting. She lives in different places every few months. She wrote books that include: Stop acting like you’re going to live forever (volumes one and two plus guided journals)Daily Me: short morning reads to choose your day. She also co-wrote How to raise entrepreneurial kids and the Clever Tykes storybooks.

In this episode, Jodie teaches how to pursue your dreams and own them. There is something to be said about awareness. Making things happen requires knowing what you want for yourself.

“Do something different if you’re not happy with your relationships, go and invest in them more. If you’re not happy with your bank balance, you have to earn more. It’s so simple but I think we avoid awareness in the first place and we’re trying to excuse it.” – Jodie Cook

What you will learn from this episode:

02:50 – Looking at running as a hobby for Jodie and why being in a group is the best way to train

05:20 – A sustainable way of doing what you want to do in life

06:33 – Just give it a go and you will know what you’re capable of doing

12:31 – How pattern interrupt can get you into unhealthy routines

15:09 – Becoming aware of your mental patterns and staying true to yourself

17:21 – Strategy for making things happen

19:24 – The best thing to do when not good is happening

22:42 – How retracing your steps helps you deal with a bad situation positively

24:32 – Talking about the book she wrote on how to exit from your business but still being financially capable with or without work

26:26 – Creating a lifestyle business

28:03 – Explaining that ‘finished article bias’

29:32 – What made her sell her other businesses

32:39 – Your strength can also be what will stop you from getting self-love

35:54 – Being self-driven and not being restless

39:30 – The need to have awareness of what triggers you and understand it and deal with it the right way

40:29 – Life lessons from sports

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