Writing a book is an exciting and difficult undertaking that requires dedication and commitment. It’s not uncommon for authors to have other obligations such as a full-time job, raising a family, or having multiple commitments. No matter what other tasks you may have, if you want to write a book, you must create a plan and a work process to manage your time and energy in a way that allows you to write your book and take care of other important things, including self-care.

Drawing on her own experience of writing a book alongside other important responsibilities, Leslie has created this book out of a commitment to helping people gain freedom and joy through the Hypnosis program. She has put her effort and love into this book, to provide readers with an additional resource for their life-changing transformation.

Listen in as Leslie reveals a simple yet powerful approach to help you break free from your weight, food, and body issues. Discover how to take control of your health, find balance, and cultivate a healthier relationship with food. Join Leslie to learn the powerful tools and strategies for a lasting, positive change.

“When you just make a deadline, and you make it a non-negotiable that it has to happen, then you just make it happen.”

– Leslie Thornton 


What you will learn from this episode:

03:34 – What contributed to finally write a book

06:00 – Talking about the resistance doing this book and what finally made her do it

08:35 – Sharing about how she made things happen[writing the book] on top of other priorities

11:38 – A matter of ‘saying yes to you’ and the power of taking action

14:02 – Realizations and lessons from writing this book

16:13 – How does the book support Leslie’s coaching program?

19:43 – ‘Shelf-esteem'[reading] versus getting into the program[coaching]

21:56 – Things you can do to get the most value from the book

24:02 – Sharing about Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss’ mission through this book [and how you too can help spread the message]

27:03 – Where you can get a copy of the book

Get a copy of the book –> https://hpwl.info/ebook 

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