Consistency is essential for achieving any goal, whether it’s personal or professional. Unfortunately, many of us find it difficult to stay consistent and maintain a routine or habit. We may feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, or even disheartened when trying to cultivate consistency in our lives.

And when it comes to making empowered choices around food it can feel like an impossible goal to reach, especially if you’ve been stuck in a diet mentality for a long time and if we’ve been denied the love and care that we long for. We often think of food choices in terms of “good” and “bad,” and it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of guilt and shame when we make the “wrong” choice. However, it is possible to make consistency a part of our daily practice and ultimately reap the rewards that come with it and make empowered choices that serve our needs.

In this episode, Leslie helps us understand why it can be hard to stay consistent around food and how you can use Hypnosis to make permanent changes in your eating habits, learning how to break free of the diet mentality and making empowered choices that will lead to lasting transformation.

“We feel so certain that it really is about the food. It really is about the weight. No, that’s not the access to permanent weight loss. The access is to feel the feelings first, reparent yourself, love yourself, have compassion for whatever is causing those thoughts to be so amplified. And once you learn how to quiet your thoughts, how to integrate your mind and your body, and you’re in that kind of meditative just present state, you can think clearly and make really good decisions from that spot. ” – Leslie Thornton

What you will learn from this episode:

01:06 – Important announcement to get FREE Hypnosis for permanent weight loss session

02:04 – More than willpower and self-control to stay consistent in your body weight [and the truth about avoiding feeling our feelings especially the painful ones]

03:49 – The source of why you’re wanting to get rid of body issues matter a lot [and reparenting that part of ourselves that was never loved and cared for]

12:02 – Actual Hypnosis session happening

17:25 – What the best path to permanent weight loss looks like [ and how feeling good within translates to self-care]

22:30 – What this quote ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’ boils down to

24:14 – The value of having a coach and mentor in your journey towards food and body weight freedom [what it was like for Leslie]


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