About Leslie

This is what happened to me…

I dieted my entire life. From 8 years old on… Slim Fast shakes, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, Isagenix, Bright Line Eating…

I was super and happy and confident when my weight was down
I was super anxious and depressed when my weight was up
I felt out of control.
Couldn’t stay consistent.
Seeing a photograph of myself ruined my entire day/week/month
The number on the scale sent me straight to the kitchen to strangely eat more…
I couldn’t control myself.
I was a food addict.

And something had to change…FAST.


I said to myself.. “I’m either going to have to learn how to be fat and happy forever… or I am going to have to figure this out for good.”

I surrendered.

And later found Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss.

I was SUPER skeptical.

I am a nurse.

“If hypnosis actually worked, wouldn’t they have taught me this in nursing school?”

But I was super desperate so I tried it on.

Did the hard work, and made it happen.

And now I help other high-performing women like you do the same.

Get free from food now and forever.

You can too.

Why I am qualified:

Outside of my own personal battle with food/body/weight issues that started when I was 8 years old that I have now not only figured out, but have also overcome; I am a board certified NLP/Hypnosis/NLP Coaching Trainer.

I live, eat, breathe transformation.

I have spent 100s of thousands of dollars and the last 11 years of my life studying emotional mastery tools, and transformation and applying it to myself to be able to produce results. 

My goal is to help you learn what I learned faster, to get out of food prison FASTER without spending HALF as much time and as much money as I did! After all, time = money. Imagine how many years, money, time, you’d save, not to mention quality of life you’d have once you got free from food/dieting thoughts once and for all!

Nah’ sayin? 😉

I am a Registered Nurse with professional certifications in subconscious mind mastery tools that allow for the permanent weight loss experience + overall life satisfaction of the individuals and groups I professionally coach.

The way we define “Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss:” helping people stop the mental obsession with food, body and weight for good.

More on Leslie:

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. I began + gave up my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree path at The Sage Colleges in Troy, NY, realizing that focusing on + serving in the POSITIVE psychology field when it comes to weight loss that hypnosis and coaching provides was where real + rapid impact was made in human being’s lives. And I’m all about impact.

I received my coaching certification + training through the International Coach Academy, accredited by the International Coach Federation, the most established coaching body worldwide. I have created a program that includes absolutely everything I’ve learned along the way that got me free from food in 25 years–and have found a way to deliver it to people in only 6 weeks. It truly is my vocation and a labor of love. If people want to be helped, I want to help them succeed.

Curious about working with me?

Speak with my team to see if the HPWL Fastrack To Freedom 6-week Program is your next right step. I can promise you, you’ll get feedback on what steps you need to take to get food freedom right away.