imageWant to be rich? Not sure what to study to get a degree that will take you there? NEWSFLASH: Only YOU can take YOU there! Take the time and energy to study and work on yourself–mind, body, spirit, and get the quickest ticket to success and happiness!

Ways to study yourself:

1. Google a list of common values and record what your values are–this will simplify decision-making as you compare your choices to your values

2. List your struggles–instead of trying to ignore them, work on them! Life gives us our struggles for us to grow stronger for reasons you are yet to figure out!

3. Be mindful of your actions/reactions/feelings. When you act in a way that you KNOW is negative, ask yourself what is really going on? Is something out of balance in your life? Are your judgments on someone else something that you may be hiding about yourself? Are you falling in love too easily or not allowing love to come in because you don’t love yourself enough? Do you eat when you’re bored/lonely/tired? What positive action can you choose to fill you up instead? Time to Study Yourself!

4. Evaluate the things/people you LOVE. What do you love about them? Is it the way they make you feel? Are they the kind of person you’d like yourself to be? What and who you love is an honest reflection of what lies deep down inside of you that is waiting to be harvested! It’s always harvest season inside yourself 😉

Discovering these things about yourself causes you to make all of your major life decisions like what to go to school for or who to marry or changing your job in confidence. You will KNOW that your decisions were made in alignment with YOU and YOUR beliefs and values, making it much less likely for you to change your mind last minute and cause you and yours TONS of STRESS.

Your life created from a place of self-clarity will give you a sense of meaning and purpose, which causes feelings of fulfillment and happiness throughout life, and if achieving these things doesn’t make you successful, I really don’t know what will!


As with most self-improvement topics I address…I promote life coaching for those of you want the results without doing all the work yourselves. It’s HARD!! Have someone else ask you the tough questions for you! It helps! Trust me, I’d be lost without my coaches!

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