Fastrack to Freedom

6 Week Program

Let’s stop the mental obsession with food, body and weight

Sound familiar? Nod along if…

You’ve tried endless diets, but haven’t been able to find something that sticks
You know there’s something bigger getting in the way of your health goals, and you’re ready to get to the root cause of your struggle
You want to feel confident and comfortable in your own body (even in a pair of jeans)
You’re ready to show your kids what it looks like to live a healthy, happy life
You want to build a positive relationship with food, and start enjoying parties, celebrations, and dessert again (without the guilt/shame)

We see you. We’ve been there! And here’s the truth:

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard!

If you want to stop the mental obsession with food, body and weight, you need to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to reset your beliefs, habits, and body….and I can help you with that!

New Rule: Never diet alone…



Do you want effortless weight loss, without feeling hungry or deprived?

Are you open to strategies that go beyond calorie counting?
Do you want to break free of rigid dieting, food rules, and “should go to the gym” battles?
Would you rather listen to your body, and trust yourself around food?

Quadruple yes?

Then this is the place for you!

Let me introduce you to Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss…

The Fastrack to Freedom Program will help you stop the mental obsession with food, body and weight, so you can get present to your potential and step into your most brilliant, beautiful BEING.

What makes HPWL different? I’ve got a proven process that supports permanent weight loss by leveraging the power of the subconscious mind.

Here’s how we do it around here…

An Inside Look…

When you join the Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss team, you get waaaaay more than “just health coaching.” Here’s what you can look forward to after saying “sign me up!”….

This is the most comprehensive approach to weight loss on the market (believe us, we’ve done the research)!


Lifetime access to our HPWL app with personalized hypnosis tracks, guided meditations, journal prompts, and emotional mastery tools at your finger tips – anytime, anywhere.

2 weekly group calls to learn and apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Video modules and worksheets that will recalibrate your mind and body

Weekly accountability, so you will never “fall off the wagon” again
Membership in our private Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss community (support, support, support!)

I no longer eat out of boredom…

“Working with Leslie brought awareness to my ‘internal dialogue,’ which was working against me. I no longer eat out of boredom or procrastination.”

Jill B.

I barely thought of food this week…

“I barely thought of food this week. Before starting, I was always opening the fridge or cabinet between meals to see what I could snack on.”



“This coaching program is very comprehensive. Leslie and her team are so awesome. I found this program to be priceless!”

Christine M. 

Still wondering if HPWL is for you?

Give me a thumbs up if:

You are a “high performer” who is hungry for success (you know…the “mompreneur” type)

You love to take good care of yourself, but you feel like weight loss is your achilles heel
You’ve done some mindset work, and you are ready to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to lose weight permanently
You are looking for an *incredible* community to hold you accountable and give you support on your weight loss journey

The clients I’ve worked with come from a wide range of backgrounds, including: Business owners, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, teachers, life coaches, CPAs

Are you ready or what?

Created for the busy go-getter who wants to lose weight naturally, …like yesterday.

The Guarantee

If you show up and do even 80% of what we ask you to do, and be focusing on what you REALLY want out of life and food, you’ll be free from mental obsession from food within the 8 weeks, using our support and our systems. If for some reason, you aren’t, I will work with you 1-1 completely for FREE, until you are!

Curious about working with me?

Speak with my team to see if the HPWL Fastrack To Freedom 6-week Program is your next right step. I can promise you, you’ll get feedback on what steps you need to take to get food freedom right away.