What is

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

is used as a complementary technique to support healthy lifestyle changes. Here’s what someone can generally expect:

Initial Assessment

The process often begins with a discussion between the individual and a trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist. They’ll discuss goals, habits, and any underlying issues related to weight.


During a hypnosis session, the person is guided into a deeply relaxed state. This involves deep breathing and mental relaxation techniques.


While in this relaxed state, the hypnotist may offer positive suggestions related to healthier eating habits, portion control, increased motivation for exercise, and improved self-esteem.


Visualization techniques may be used to help the person imagine their desired body and lifestyle, reinforcing positive changes.


Hypnosis for weight loss often involves multiple sessions to reinforce the desired behaviors and attitudes.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Sometimes, post-hypnotic suggestions are given, which are cues or triggers that can be used in everyday life to remind the individual of their goals and motivations.


The individual is encouraged to integrate the suggested changes into their daily life, making healthier choices and adopting a more positive mindset towards weight loss.

Some people find hypnosis helpful for weight loss by improving their mindset and motivation,

but it’s not a standalone solution,

that’s why we’ve created a holistic program that offers the necessary individualized coaching, accountability, and community that should be used in conjunction with the hypnosis techniques.

Additionally, individual responses to hypnosis vary, so results may differ from person to person.

Consulting with Leslie is recommended for those considering hypnosis for weight loss.


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