“Since joining Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss, I’ve lost 20 lbs! Seeking support was not something I had done before. But having the support from other people going through the same thing as me….I never realized how much of a difference that would make. Just to know, you’re not alone.” – Katie
“I don’t have as many cravings as I used to. And I’m drinking so much water, which is a huge plus! I’m living life in the moment, and it’s all I could ever ask for. I feel lighter, mentally and physically! AMEN!”


I used to have a double vodka every night before I joined the program 4 weeks ago. Since week 1, I have not had a single drink or my nightly bag of potato chips and honestly I don’t miss either one! What Leslie and her team is doing is amazing!


Not feeling guilty about my food choices and didn’t crave sweets at all. I’m finally feeling like I have some control. I’m so thankful for this program!


“I was addicted to sugar. Every night it was a fight against myself saying that I needed it, and it is JUST GONE NOW! I have had NO CRAVINGS for anything sweet.”


“I had a potluck and didn’t feel like going crazy on all the food or like I needed to deprived myself. It felt calm.”


I really feel like this program is really helping me as I naturally just made healthier choices. I didn’t want to Overeat at all and actually found I just naturally made better choices thru the week.


“Eating what I wanted, no guilt or shame. Feeling full and not binging.”


“I usually binge on chips everyday. I can finish a full large bag on my own. But after experiencing hypnosis with Leslie, I was able to cut out chips for a few days straight! The next time I had chips, I only ate a few pieces rather than the whole bag. Leslie has helped me slow down, and become more aware of my addiction.”


I have not binged or stopped at a single fast food place and I’m down 10.2 pounds!


I barely thought of food this week! Before starting, I was always opening the fridge or cabinet between meals to see what I could snack on.


Comfortably down 1 pant size!


“When I started this program I was eating carbs and drinking alcohol every chance I got to numb my stress and anxiety. I hated my body and how fat I felt. Now, 1.5 years after graduating, I’ve lost 30 lbs without restricting my food or exercising at all!”


“I was able to enjoy everything about thanksgiving and not feel overstuffed and guilty.”


“Enjoying my vacation and not being afraid of food”


“I deleted a carb-counting app on my phone…and I left several fasting & sugar-free groups on Facebook. I’m now quieting the noise in my head, and letting myself trust what is right for me and my body.”


“I bought a huge bag of popcorn a month ago, and I haven’t felt the need to rip into it. I haven’t been stress eating.”


I haven’t stopped for fast food or coffee since I started the program 5 weeks ago and have no desire to. I’m down 9lbs!


I just have to tell you that I KEEP GETTING FITTER AND FITTER! I was looking back at old photos from times I was vegan / fasting / running marathons and I’ve never looked more healthy than NOW! And all I’m doing is enjoying my life! It’s amazing how I literally eat what I want, when I want, and my body continues to get lean weeks after my Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss program. You’ve truly given me freedom (I’m on a family vacation right now and finding myself saying NO THANKS to snacks and alcohol even – last year at this time I was anxious and over eating and over drinking and NEVER would have imagined it could be THIS EASY! 🫶 thank you thank you thank you


“I was able to not spend my whole day wanting more food, ate less, moved more”


I was able to stop myself from being impulsive with food and drink. I just asked myself if I really wanted it and gave myself permission to enjoy it after about a 10 minute pause. Most of the time, I was on to something else and no longer felt the pull of food.


“I used emotional mastery tools to stave off a binge.”


I’m halfway through the program and feeling better than I have in years. I’ve lost 10 pounds without dieting!!!! It is so crazy and amazing. Seriously, I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul for creating such a safe place to help me lose my baggage.

I’ve sat in seminars to have bariatric surgery, did all the popular diet plans and always I would beat myself up endlessly for failing.

Your program is such a blessing for me. I feel like I’m that 26 year old person again who never dieted in her life.

I’m so so thankful to you and your team that have helped me to crack the code of enjoying life again.

My brain is not racing anymore. I’ve slowed down to care for myself first.

There has been pasta in my fridge for days, my comfort food. And other than laughing about that fact that I don’t even want it, nothing. I don’t want to munch during a movie night because my brain is already calm.

This program you created Leslie is a life changer. I am a 62 year old woman that finally, through your program, has the tools I need for life, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Finally, after 36 years of hating myself and feeling like a failure, I know with these wonderful brain changing tools that you shared, I can do this and I don’t feel guilty anymore.I can’t thank you enough for freeing me from years of trauma.

Thank you, Thank you Thank you. Big big hugs to you and your team. Thank you.


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