9497559_sWeight Loss Hypnosis? If you live in the Albany, NY area and:

  • are so totally anxious about how you can’t control yourself that you often feel paralyzed
  • sometimes feel its better to socially isolate yourself from gatherings and parties than to have to suffer feeling out of control around food
  • find that exercising is one of the only things that calms your anxiety down when thinking about food and your weight
  • have ever felt like your entire life is spiraling down in front of you in the worst way because you feel so out of control of your eating
  • are concerned your health is suffering as a result of your lack of control

If you

  • feel weak and pathetic that you can’t control your eating no matter what you do to try to lose weight and be healthy
  • sometimes think that it’d just be better to give up and be fat and happy for the rest of you life than to continue the suffering
  • sometimes feel you’d rather die than to feel these feelings of being out of control and judged about your eating habits
  • feel like a failure every time you end up back in the same food and weight loss struggle boat
  • hate yourself for this even being a problem




If you don’t

Fix your mindset about food and weight loss and target the very real issues at hand, you will be continuing down a road of suffering and solitude that will lead to your demise.

You will get a disease like diabetes or cancer or exacerbate the anxiety you already have about your issues regarding your weight that will negatively affect your life socially, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You will continue grasping at straws trying to find help and keep you afloat.

If you keep grasping onto the same type of straws, you will find yourself getting deeper and deeper into your struggle and find it harder and harder to get out.

Stop wasting your money on the diets and gym memberships you know never work longterm.

Stop feeling helpless and hopeless than you can never be free from these struggles.

Stop feeling anxious that one day you’ll be fat and hate yourself and feel miserable all the time.

Your children and family are and will grow up witnessing your environment of stress and hardship and learn to also hate their bodies and demonize food.

This guides them down a very similar, stressful food and negative body image path.

Don’t they deserve to have an example of a confident, strong, powerful woman and mom to look up to, to be proud of, and to model their lives after free of food and weight struggles.

If you work with me,

not only will you save money by stopping the endless search for weight loss tools in the future,

you will also be able to rid yourself of the stress, the anxiety, the fear, the self-hate, the hopelessness you feel.

Replace those very negative emotions with confidence, lightness, freedom, faith, energy, hope, and love.

You will have time to focus on the things and the people you really love instead of your food and weight loss struggles.

You will get to know yourself in a way you’ve never known before that will cause you to love yourself SO MUCH and empower you to be the best version of you. 

This will naturally bring out the best in all others you come in contact with.

All those women you look at and envy now for the seamless ease and effortlessness it takes for them to be confident and sexy and loving and HAPPY will suddenly seem so beautiful and amazing and before you know it, you will become that person to others and be able to share how you got to be sexy and confident and self-loving, assisting them to get to a better, more fulfilling place too!

You will get to deeply enjoy your life the way every human being deserves, and start feeling a deep sense of satisfaction with how you’re living.

And before you know it, you will begin to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You see,

there is SO MUCH going on behind the scenes in our minds and in our bodies that we are never conscious of.

These going-ons are what prevents us from being successful in whatever it is we are trying to accomplish, including weight loss and self-control.

There is nothing you can consciously achieve like losing weight with a diet and exercise plan that can actually last forever the way you want it to. 

You must work on what is going on behind the scenes in your mind preventing you from being successful and free. 

You have underlying beliefs like:

“I’m not good enough to achieve what I want,”


“I will not be safe if I am sexy,”


“I will not be liked if I successfully get over my food and weight loss struggles and start being ME,”

that are so incredibly, powerfully playing over and over in your unconscious mind.

Until work is done to change these beliefs that are not serving you, you will never be able to be successful in your attempts to be a better you. 

My life’s work has prepared me to ask you the deep questions that will answer what is holding you back and assist you in replacing those negative beliefs with positive ones that will support you and empower you to be in charge of your life!

You will have control of your self, of your food, of your mind, and of your body. 

You will be able to free yourself of the pain and suffering you are currently enduring,

and be willing and able to take on the world showing everyone the true colors that lay down inside of the beautiful, beautiful you with nothing holding you back.  

How does that sound?  

!!!I’m sick of seeing people suffer the way I did for so long!  LIFE IS TOO SHORT!  You don’t have to suffer anymore! Just commit to your lifelong happiness and health already FOR REAL. Enough is enough!!!

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