I have not done “real” physical activity consistently since last June.

Like..a walk here and there, maybe a few runs…

I weigh less than I did while I was training for my half marathon last June.

How can this be??

Well see, I dropped vigorous physical activity

AND I added LOTS of meditation (exercise of the mind) instead.

I did this because I’ve been having a rough time.

I’m having trouble letting go and letting the universe show me the way.

I haven’t wanted to run or go to the gym.

I’ve wanted to stop feeling so stressed and like I’m pulling a tractor trailer

down the longest road EVERRR.

As an act of SELF-LOVE, I’ve respected my body’s lack of will to do vigorous

physical activity, and my mind’s need to be calmed and in the moment.

I’ve honored them.

When you listen to your mind and your body’s needs and give them what they need



Your body will respond positively.

There are no shoulds here.

Your mind and your body NEED to be respected if you

expect them to function optimally.

Face it!!

Our life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns.

Be realistic, and roll with it.

Allow yourself to flow.

What does YOUR mind and body need today??

Need support?

Holler at me.  It’s why I’m here.