8679929_sI used to resent the shit out of money.

I hated the way my parents were so stingy about it.

So, FOR YEARS, I viewed it as the enemy, and I avoided it (and was often stingy myself!!)

Now?  I see money EvErYwHeRe $-)

Money is a loving friend, not an enemy!!

And there is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Once I became friends with money, I started to see more of it coming my way!

Want to make this shift too?

Let’s start with a new definition of money.

Money is an expression of the universe.

We live in an abundant universe and when we are connected to source, we can call it all in!

Sounds good, right?

Once you get in touch with your values–what really means sooo much to you–and make a decision to gift it to the universe,

Start to look at it like this:

1)My natural gift is _hypnosis for weight loss coaching_ because of my experience(s) with _food addiction & hypnosis to rid of it .

2)When I share my gift of _hypnosis for weight loss coaching , I am giving away my highest form of energy.

3)The only way I will feel good about giving away my energy, is if I am receiving an equal amount of energy back.

4)Money is one form of energy I may receive back.

5)Receiving someone else’s gift that I need as much as, or more than, money is also a way to receive my energy back (As it works with bartering).

Starting to see how this works?

Once we shift our views on what giving and receiving money represents, the exchange becomes more spiritual and good instead of yucky and bad.

Relating these ideas to relationships helps create more clarity around this concept.

1)Think of a friend or a lover you no longer have.

2)Ask yourself: “What caused this relationship to end?”

Most likely it was because the energy that one person was giving away was not being returned in an equal amount (according to them), making that person feel … annoyed, upset, pissed, you name it!

It doesn’t mean the relationship was necessarily bad, it just means it was not compatible for sustainability!

All relationships–

–with friends, lovers, jobs, FOOD, and yes, even money–

Require an equal exchange of energy to be given as is received.

If not, the relationship is doomed to fail–or at least really feel sucky!

The take away?

If you have negative emotions surrounding money, you’re not going to make any!

Like all things that end up holding you back from you becoming your greatest you NOW,

Your unconscious mind plays a HUGE role in how you feel and what you believe.

My unconscious mind believed that money was scarce because my parents would say we didn’t have enough to order pizza on a Friday night.  My unconscious mind was trying to protect me from not having enough by labeling money as my enemy.

I lovingly told my unconscious mind through hypnosis, that money did not have to be an enemy, and SHIT CHANGED!

I would not have a business, if it didn’t.

If you are interested in getting on a path like mine, it is totally possible if you are willing to change!!

I am currently working on expanding my business from just food and weight loss to other areas like money, addiction, career change, relationships, inner peace and life purpose, and more! as they all totally relate!  And I have used hypnosis in all of these areas in my own life now!  And it worked!

Hypnosis is such an amazing tool that can be used to tackle so many inner demons!

Are you ready to try hypnosis yet already???

If this post and my current expansion intrigues you, PLEASE, COMMENT BELOW!!

And remember!

Always let your unconscious be your guide!