logo_assocI recently received an email from my weight loss client, Mary, updating me on her amazing nutritional experience!!

Managed to go out on lake today and not drink! Quite a win considering how it is beautiful summer day to pop a cold one. Shakes are working out great.

Yesterday was at reiki workshop and served wraps… ate half of one wishing I had made a salad. They had homemade chocolate chip cookies… could only eat half and then felt yuck! First time I have thrown a cookie out!

Tuesday is cleanse day… I will update then.

Feel good… have not needed energy shots. Think all the water is doing that. All I envision is cells dancing with joy!


—CELLS DANCING WITH JOY?!? How amazing is that???

This is my first time sharing Isagenix with a client and it gave me the chills reading how her experience has been just as awesome as mine just after 1 week!!!

So happy to support my clients through their weight loss journeys:).

I am blessed to have found out how I can most effectively serve others. Weight loss coaching is my life purpose and passion!!

Thanks for experiencing this with me!

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