Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning out of control around the holidays?

What is up with that?”

Your health is the number one thing you DO NOT want to lose control over.

And yet it seems like the easiest to go..

You give so much of yourself to your loved ones, the last person you have time for is yourself.

It also does not help that we show our love for others with sugar and alcohol…(did you know alcohol is sugar as well)??

Sugar and alcohol affect our moods, our energy levels, our mental state, which affects our physical state, spirituality…EVERYTHING.

CHALLENGE: Abstain from drinking for 1 full week.  The next time you drink alcohol, even just a glass or two of wine, pay attention to your emotions the next day.  Are you super sensitive like me and feel a little on the depressed side? What we put into our body translates into our feelings.  Food=medicine.

If you are having trouble or worried about reestablishing control after the energy-sucking holidays, let’s talk, and get you back on track with some personal weight loss coaching!