photo of Leslie Thornton, Albany NY Hypnosis Weight Loss CoachThere are TONS of opportunities to see a hypnotist/personal trainer/coach/doctor/nutritionist, etc. to assist you with losing weight and keeping it off this year.

Maybe your insurance even covers the cost of seeing these kinds of specialists.

Here’s what you WILL get by working with me that you cannot get anywhere else:

  • First of all, you should know that I view permanently releasing your food/weight loss struggle as a necessary step needed to take in order to get you closer to uncovering the true you and your life’s purpose.   I view it this way, because it was my experience.  My world BLEW UP in absolutely amazing ways once I released my struggle.  I know, FOR SURE, I would not be connecting with you here, today without hypnosis and coaching.  If you’re someone who likes to see things for what they truly are in a deep, very real way–no bullshit about it–stay close!


  • Secondly, I LOVE you.  Sounds a little much, I know.  But honestly, anyone who is experiencing the pain of weight loss/food controlling your life, I love.  This is because, I see my old self in you, and I feel like I’m reaching out my hand to my old, feeling-helpless self and saying, hey, there’s a way you can be done with this,  just come follow me to freedom!  Time and time again, I hear my clients tell me how safe and unjudged they feel talking to me about their stuff with food because they can tell that I really GET it.  And I do.  There is no shame in being out of control with food, it’s just the reality of it.  When was the last time you felt really loved and understood by anyone you saw using your insurance card?


  • Thirdly, I am a nurse with a background in personal training.  I understand how the body works; I know what happens to people if they don’t take control of their bodies, of their nutrition; I know that food=medicine; I understand the importance of moving your body every day; and I have the TIME and ENERGY to REALLY listen to what it is that YOU need the most week to week and make sure you feel served uniquely and individually.  If you want to go to the gym together, let’s go to the gym together, if you want to go grocery shopping together, sure we can make arrangements to do that too!  Your wish can be my command!


  • Fourthly, I understand the UNBELIEVABLE power of the mind and know how to get yours working in your favor again!!  I have been working for years with hypnosis, a science called neurolinguistic programming (Neurolinguistic Programming), muscle testing, and meditation, all to master the amazing tools out there available that can literally change your mind so that your struggle is no longer.  This, for me, is the most magical part of my work.  But really, it’s a science just like everything else, and IT WORKS!!
  • Lastly, I work over the phone and over Skype, primarily.  No need for ANOTHER special trip OUT.  You get to transform your life and your health from the comfort and convenience of your own home at a time that works for you.  Sounds good to me!

Dear friends, I really want to know if you’re ready.  If you’ve been reading my articles, following me around, been thinking that this is something you really want to do, but keep making excuses as to why now is not the right time, STOP TEASING ME ALREADY!  I can quite literally FEEL your energy wanting to connect with mine, which is why I keep putting out this articles all the time! So! Let’s finally get you started today and get you closer to freedom, shall we?

This month I’m trying to help as many people as possible with weight loss. Can you think of 1-2 people who may find that helpful?

Maybe someone you know from work, school, church, exercise/yoga class?

Please introduce them to me by sharing the link you used to arrive here!  Thank you!