24158709_sI was reminded this morning while working with my client of how much I used to hate myself.

I didn’t know I hated myself, but looking back, I did.

Here’s how it showed up:

  • Me absolutely hating my body–I mean, I used to cry looking at my body in the mirror as young as 8 years old. My little sister would hear me crying and come in my room¬†to console me. (Something I’m now feeling very sad about as I am one of her role-models as her big sis and that stuff leaves marks on a kid)! Luckily I have hypnosis to offer her now ūüėČ

Just the other day, talking to a client I’ve been working with for months now, she said to me something along the lines of how now, after experiencing the hypnosis and my coaching, she is no longer resisting the state of her body. She has moved from a negative outlook on her health to a positive one. ¬†She even threw in the inspirational quote of,

That which one resists, persists.”

Brilliant!  I learn so much from my clients <3

It’s true. If you keep resisting the state your body as it is¬†RIGHT NOW, you will continue to hate yourself and continue to self-sabotage with binging or falling off the exercise wagon, etc.

That’s what I did.

I resisted my body. I hated myself. This led to my eating bad food and carrying on with bad eating behaviors.

When you love yourself, accept yourself, and appreciate your body for how perfect it is RIGHT NOW…that’s when you allow all the magic to happen.

How could one treat themselves poorly from a place of pure love and acceptance?

There is no greater gift that I could offer my clients than the gift of loving and accepting themselves the way they are right now through hypnosis and coaching.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity.

Here’s to you.

XOXO Leslie

  photo of Leslie Thornton, Albany NY Hypnosis Weight Loss Coach
Friends!! I almost forgot! This Sunday in Clifton Park at 2PM I am doing a Spiritual Weight Loss Class where I will discuss my journey with weight/food fixation and releasing it all through hypnosis. I’ll even be leading a group hypnosis session and have a free offering for those in attendance! Please share with friends and family, and I absolutely hope to see you there! Here’s a link for more information!¬†